7-Week Self-Study Chakra Course

Close your eyes ... take a beautiful deep breath in and imagine what life would look like if you were feeling rested, well, energised and content.


Would it help YOU if you had a simple daily practice to nourish yourself, to feel more alive, present and embodied?

A delicious practice to come home to yourself, to feel nourished; so that you feel more open and able to do all that you must for yourself and your family?



Perhaps ...

  • You are craving just a few minutes a day just for you?

  • You are looking for a simple practice that you can fit easily into your life?

  • You are tired from all the rushing, tending others needs or perhaps you've been through a tough time and are in need of some tender healing?

  • You are you craving being more of yourself, to come back home to yourself?

As a woman who identifies with a Feminine Essence, you thrive in a state of flow, you prefer to live from your inner 'knowing, with strength, passion, creativity and awareness, you have an ability to move with the changes in your daily life.

Perhaps, however, you are wanting to cultivate more Feminine Essence, to awaken your radiance and honour your relationship with yourself as a woman.


Sometimes life throws certain situations at us and it's easy to feel stuck and unsure of the next steps, who we are and what we really want and how to get there!


We totally get it, having navigated this journey ourselves.

As we grow and evolve we deepen our connection to the feminine, develop our intuition and begin to live joyously and creatively with the universe and others.

Some of us will choose to be mothers, to birth and support our children, whilst others may have a different path to follow, we may nurture the planet, animals or prefer to guide and support others. Whether that be through mentoring, teaching, creating safe spaces or caring for the environment.

This is why we believe it is vitally important for you to fill your cup with self-love, energy and rest, so that you may serve those you are dedicated, to without depletion.

Our seven-week course is perfect for you. We have lovingly created it with you in mind.


We will be sharing with you the simple practices that we personally use to support ourselves when we feel out of balance, stuck or unsure. When we need to fill our own cup with love, acceptance and clear what no longer serves us.

Wherever you may be on your journey as a Woman, Mother or Carer we are here to support you in remembering the truth of who you are.


We know that when we live life fully in our Feminine Essence with strength, love, joy and vitality; we and those around us thrive.

If this speaks to you, we have created simple practices just for you.
These beautiful, simple practices are easy to incorporate into your day, to fill yourself up so that you feel ready to face the world and all that you need to accomplish. 

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The price of our Feminine Essence and the Chakras 7-week Course is £69

This gives you full access to all of the practices.

Join us on this seven-week journey as we discover, open, clear and ignite each of the main energy centres within. 
Each week you will discover the power of the chakras by exploring the journaling prompts, audio meditation, breathwork and nourishing movement practice relevant to that week's energy centre.
These beautiful, easy to follow and integrate practices are to serve you in finding and creating more balance in your life physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

We are going to activate our base chakra so that we may experience being more grounded in our bodies and connected to the earth and the great mother that sustains all life.

Root and Ground

Chakra 1


As we connect to the element of water and fluid movement we begin to awaken our capacity to 'feel' more fully, to experience and express the full range of our emotions and creative potential.

Enter the Flow

Chakra 2


By activating our inner fire at the Solar Plexus we can power up our resolve and intention, thus harnessing our innate power and taking Divine right action in the direction of our dreams.

Ignite Your Power

Chakra 3


As we bathe ourselves in self-love and compassionate practice we can open wide and find strength in our vulnerability sharing this with our loved ones and the world at large.

Bathed in Love

Chakra 4


Claiming our voice and expressing it is so important so that we may allow our truest expressions to be created through us.

Express Yourself

Chakra 5


Envisioning life as you desire it and taking the next step from your deepest 'knowing' will enable you to expand and trust your intuitive promptings.

Bring Your Intuition

Chakra 6


As we expand our awareness to include pure consciousness we develop a connection to the Divine in ways that serve our selves and others for the Highest Good of all.

Open with Grace

Chakra 7


This is our gift to you, a beautiful eBook, full of wonderful self-love and self-care practices to serve you in opening wide, healing and allowing grace to flood in.

Connect and Receive

Bonus Week

The practices will include a combination of gentle nourishing movement practices, guided meditation and journaling prompts.

Each week you will be sent a link to access the chakra practices for that week.

Simply follow the link and you will be taken to the practices.

These practices may be done in their entirety each day, or you may pick and choose what you do and when depending on the time you.

 We can't wait to share these practices with you, beauty!
What You'll Get:
7 - weekly gentle, nourishing movement practices (audio recordings)
7 - weekly guided visualisations (audio recordings)
7 - weekly pdfs with journaling prompts for your self-inquiry
A bonus ebook full of our favourite self-care practices 
Each week you will be sent a link to access the practices.
You can enjoy these practices at any time you wish and have lifetime access to the course.

Can't wait, I'm in!

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Feminine Essence and the Chakras 7-week Course



Full access to 7 weeks of beautiful, nurturing, easy to implement daily practices and one FREE bonus week as our gift to you.

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