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I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and after having been privileged enough to (along with my business partners) run my own yoga studio have had the chance to witness these benefits in my students … Yoga I believe, can help to enhance our experience of life by bringing us closer to our true selves. Yoga is for everyone and provides us with great tools to utilise in our everyday life to promote optimum wellness … in yoga we can feel peaceful, centred, in the present moment and uplifted all at the same time … for myself, I also love how yoga can release emotions and open the heart


My initial Yoga training was Vinyasa Flow Lotus Yoga  … I then underwent an intensive  training as an Aerial yoga instructor which has taken my yoga practice to an entirely different level and at this present time myself and two of my collages are rewriting our Chakra Aerial Yoga Training Manual

I have also covered over 100hrs pregnancy yoga training and just recently I decided to undertake Ambassador Yoga Teacher training as an enrichment for my practice. I have also attended various yoga workshops and courses on Nutrition and Hypnotherapy


I don't usually put a label on my style of yoga as although my style integrates breath-initiated movement with a steady flow of poses, I like to keep it playful and imaginative, encouraging movement in all directions to gently open the body and release holding patterns that cause tension and stress … sequences are practised at a pace that does not compromise alignment and helps us move with fluidity and freedom …


Aside from my yoga … I also love walking in the lake district, travelling and photography


I feel that I am a very nurturing and encouraging teacher and along with my beautiful friend and colleague Charlotte I'm looking forward to sharing some wonderful experiences with you.


Charlotte is a passionate facilitator who draws on many years of study in the yogic arts, embodiment practices, breathwork, meditation and the study of metaphysics.

Charlotte is inspired to encourage women to reconnect to the Omnipresent beauty within and without, so that they may achieve a life of radiance and an enhanced connection to themselves and others; to Awaken Grace in every moment.

Charlotte believes that through embodied practice we open ourselves to harmonise the flow of energy in our body, which minimises the effects of stress and cultivates a more awakened presence, a stronger vital energy and a greater passion for life.

Alongside meditation, yoga, breathwork, the use of Spiritual Mind Treatments and other tools such as gratitude practices and journaling, Charlotte believes that she has the practices and tools to support women in achieving the meaningful lives they desire. Charlotte particularly enjoys facilitating her Awakening Grace 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and online courses.

Inspired by the natural world and as a practising artist, Charlotte loves to support others to access their wilder natures with an open heart, at peace with the natural flows and rhythms of life’s cyclical changes.


Charlotte is the mother of three beautiful young adults, she loves travelling and oil painting and enjoys the opera, music and creative writing.

Charlotte is excited to be sharing the gifts of time, travel, yoga and other practices with you on retreat alongside her friend and colleague Pauline; so that you may return home feeling energised, refreshed and supported.

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