Have you ever dreamed of creating and offering your own women's circles or workshops? 

Are you called to the Divine Feminine, interested in Chakras and looking to develop new skills to share with others?
Have you ever dreamed of creating and offering your own women's circles or workshops? 
Perhaps you have come to place in your own life where you are ready to support other women in finding more ease in their lives?
You may have come through some difficult situations and wish to learn some new skills and tools to open wider.
You are looking to offer these tools and skills to others.


Are you looking for a supportive community of like-minded women to share the journey with?

You're Not Alone Beautiful ... 

We hear from women every day, who would love the support of a beautiful community to grow and develop skills with.

We know that you have come through some difficult situations and wish to learn some new skills and tools to open wider and offer these to groups of women so that they may shine.

Are you feeling like you don’t yet have the tools and skills to confidently do the work that you are drawn to?

You may be feeling overstretched and that you don’t have enough time and resources and therefore feel a bit stuck.

Perhaps you are even worrying that you already have too many commitments?

We have the perfect solution for you, where you will gain ongoing support, inspiration, skills and lifelong friendships, where you will be shown the exact practices to offer both yourself and others so that transformation is achievable.

Imagine for a moment the joy of hosting your own powerful workshops and group sessions for women, the joy of creating an income doing something you LOVE, which has a lasting positive effect on those around you. Where you feel in your power, embodying your own unique gifts and skills whilst feeling resourced and supported by a growing community of like-minded sisters.

Is this something that appeals to you? Does this speak to your soul?

If so, we have the perfect training just for you. 


 Have you bought endless books, signed up for courses, workshops and are still struggling to get the results you desire?

Don't worry, it is perfectly normal to feel this way and we have your back ...
The women we hear from often feel frustrated about their lack of progress, the challenges they are facing and preventing them from showing up as their best selves are ...
  • Not enough time

With so many demands pulling at you, you feel like you don’t have enough time to carve out space for yourself in between work and family life.

  • Feeling unsupported or alone 

You are craving understanding and acceptance and a community of sisterhood.

  • Unclear about their next steps 

You perhaps have an idea about what you wish to achieve for yourself, but unclear how to go about it or even what the landmarks are. You may be feeling stuck and unaware of the growth you’ve already achieved. 

  • Unsure where to turn and overwhelmed

With so much information out there, it can feel a little disconcerting and difficult to know where to begin and which path to continue on, especially if you have been dabbling in many modalities.

You may also feel like you don’t have a readily available community of like-minded women to share the journey with.


We get it, this path often feels isolating and like we are alone in the world.



Personally, we find these challenges terribly frustrating and disheartening because we see beautiful women with open hearts, strong women, who are leading the way within their families, friendships, workplaces and communities, struggling and finding things harder than it needs to be, simply because they don’t have the right tools or support.

That is why we are committed to sharing effective practices for transformation and expanding our supportive community of beautiful, lit up women.


Beauty, you are invited to join us on our Feminine Essence and The Chakras Training as we explore our individual Feminine Essence and learn how to share this with others.


So that you may develop …

  • Lasting change

  • Learn new empowering tools and techniques

  • Learn the skills to create your own women’s circles and workshops

  • Develop your intuitive knowing

  • Embrace, love and accept yourself



Who Are We? And Why Join Us?


Hello, beauty, we are Charlotte and Pauline, we feel so privileged to be here together, to offer you the best practices and support that we wished we had had during our early years of facilitating sessions and workshops with other women.


We met during a time of great personal growth and quickly realised that it would be fortuitous to create beautiful retreats and courses for you and other women like you, beauty; to share with you all that we wished we could have had available for ourselves years ago!


Our paths have been similar, both having bought up our families as single parents and being fully responsible financially and emotionally for ourselves and our families. We both began a journey of working with women through yoga, other embodiment practices and meditation, and have both been involved, for many years, in facilitating courses, events, retreats and trainings with an emphasis on supporting women, using the various tools, practices and skills that we developed over many years individually and now together as a team!

Empowering ~ Inspiring ~ Supporting


Feminine Essence and The Chakras  Training


Once you have attended our Feminine Essence Retreat, you can deepen your experience and knowledge by completing our online course, which will give you the practices, understanding, and skills to facilitate your own groups and workshops.​
You will also gain ongoing support and lifelong friendships.

On completion of the training, you will be a fully qualified Feminine Essence Facilitator.

You will receive a link to the practices that we have used and found to be valuable in our sessions working with women’s groups. Practices that you have already experienced with us on retreat.


During the online component of our training you will be given access to video, audio and PDF material to support your ongoing understanding, learning and skillset; so that you are resourced and able to share these tools with others.


What a wonderful thing it is to have the internet at our disposal so that we may connect and practice together in the community of like-minded women no matter where in the world we reside.


You may study the material at your own leisure, within a three-month period, which is especially valuable to those of you who have little available time due to other commitments.


During this time, you will be required to submit evidence of your engagement with the resources provided for you, through video, written assignments and testimonials. You will need a number of case studies to practise your newly developed skills with.


On completion of your training, this includes both the practical-in-person element with us, on retreat, the online content, and the anatomy and physiology certificate, Charlotte and Pauline will personally assess the course material you submit to us, providing you with ongoing support and your final certificate of completion.


We will be exploring various practices and techniques to enliven and enhance the main energy centres throughout the body, Including breath awareness techniques, visualisation and intention setting, gentle movement practices, journaling, energy awareness practices and relaxation techniques.


You can expect to ...


Feel resourced and supported in creating your own women’s circles and workshops based on the energy centres and in deepening your own practices and offerings in world if you are already a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, complementary therapist, movement educator, meditation teacher or simply have an interest in working with and supporting other women even if you are not already qualified in other modalities.


Ready to Join Us?

Once you have signed up you will be sent a welcome letter, via email.

Price (including the retreat)​

Simply sign up to receive the joining link, access to the course content, dates of our live online sessions, facilitator retreat week, ongoing email support and connection with our growing community of like-minded women.


Charlotte is the most amazing teacher trainer, patient, understanding, knowledgeable, a great communicator and facilitator, mentor and all-round great human.


—  L, McKenna

Our training will provide you with ...

  • Learn the skills to facilitate groups and individuals

  • Create your own workshops and women's circles

  • Become empowered with a depth of knowledge and experience

  • Shine your Divine Light as you support others to do the same 

  • Gain knowledge and actionable tools

  • Receive ongoing support

  • Become a part of a growing community of empowered women

  • If you are ready to step up and be the shining example for other women

If this feels like what you've been waiting for and you feel ready to take action - then jump in and join us.


What's Included?

Powerful handpicked practices to experience on our unique one-week facilitator training retreat, our 3-month online course to enhance your understanding and skillset, a certification of completion to show that you have engaged with the course material and you are ready to share these practices with your community.


We are also on hand via email, if you need any extra support during your 3-month online training, perfect for if anything comes up for you during practice and you need a friendly ear or a shoulder to lean into - that's us the big sisters, to lean in to for emotional support.


All you need to do now is sign up and show up to receive the incredible benefits of this wonderful course.


Beauty, we are looking forward to meeting you online and on retreat!

With love, 

Charlotte and Pauline xx


  • Will this work for me?

YES! These practices have been used personally by us for healing, relaxation and transformation for many years.

  • Is it easy for me to sign up?

Yes, we have made this as easy to access as possible. You simply sign up and we will send you the welcome letter, via email and access to the course content.


What will I get?

  • 3-month online journey

  • One -week facilitator training retreat

  • Practical teaching tools and scripts to support you

  • PDF's to nourish and support your understanding of each of the core principles

  • Audio recordings

  • Links to inspiring videos and documentaries

  • Ongoing love and support

What do I need to do to qualify?

  • Attend the 3-month online course

  • Complete level 2 Anatomy and Physiology (details sent with your welcome pack)

  • Attend our one-week facilitator training retreat (included in the price of the training - please note you will need to organise your own transport flights etc)

  • Submit case studies

  • Commit to showing up fully for yourself


What equipment do I need?

You'll need access to the internet/wifi.

A journal

A blanket



Feel free to reach out and connect with us, or to ask any questions


Email us at: 

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